CCBSD is rooted in the normative concerns of justice, equity, pluralism and sustainability. Hence, its organizational vision has been transforming the society for inclusive public good through education & grass root level efforts.

The fundamental ethoses that underline that vision are:

Promote institutional efforts to strengthen scientific and democratic governance of natural resources for ensuring inclusive socio-economic growth.

Strengthen environmental ethics by promoting ways of prudent use of natural resources.

Work for realizing a just society in which the development outcome is ecologically sustainable, economically viable & socially equitable.

Promote economic development & employment generation strategies, which are linked to conservation, enhancement & sustainable utilization of the natural resources.


Further, CCBSD believes that human development process could be made sustainable and inclusive by judicious use of natural resources. This principle of symbiosis makes the fundamental guiding force for the activities of CCBSD and the same is depicted in its logo.