CCBSD Organization Structure:

Governing Council:

It is the highest decision making body in the organization. Its members comprise the founders of MERD Trust & CCBSD. It meets periodically to assess the performance and decide the course of future actions.

Advisory Committee:

It comprises the experts from various fields, who have long & credible standing in public life. The research, education, training & policy advocacy programs of CCBSD are designed and implemented as per the advice of this committee.


Key Functionaries:


Mr. Keshava Hegde, often called by his extended name Keshava Hegde Korse in professional circle, is the Director of CCBSD. He is accountable to Advisory Committee and Governing Council of CCBSD.
He is a professional Conservation Biologist with more than two decades of experience. While his doctoral research area has been the conservation of medicinal plants, professional expertise encompasses different dimensions of natural resources management based sustainable development. It includes biodiversity, ecosystem services, sustainability, livelihood etc., with special emphasis on Western Ghats of India, a global biodiversity hotspot. He leads the research, education & training (E&T), field conservation actions and policy advocacy programs from designing to implementation. He is responsible for developing and empowering institutional mechanisms, by collaborating with govt and non-governmental organizations. His ultimate professional goals have been to find realistic solutions for the complex conservation issues, by finding right mix of strategies, including community participation, market based tools, linking livelihood security, payment for ecosystem services etc.

Technical Advisor

Manjunath, an information technology professional, has been one of the key honorary advisers for CCBSD. Joined in 2008, Manjunath advises on all data management issues - data gathering, processing and their effective communication - related to technical and financial aspects of research and documentation programmes. He has taken the entire responsibility of creating an online presence for the organization. In addition, he also participates as a guest resource person in CCBSD’s Digital Literacy outreach programmes for the rural poor.