The current Indian socio-economic & environmental situations demand interventions in multiple directions & levels. Being a young organization with limited resources, CCBSD has prioritized the following key areas for its activities.

Biodiversity conservation:

Structure, function, ecological services, stress assessment, conservation strategies, with special reference to Western Ghats of peninsular India. Action research for ensuring conservation natural resources, both at ecosystem and species levels.

Medicinal Plant studies:

The taxonomical, ecological, agronomical, pathological & post harvest studies on medicinal plants. Action research to develop area specific strategies for conservation, enhancement & sustainable utilization of medicinal plant resources.

Herbal Drug studies:

Laboratory based research in the areas like phyto-chemistry, bioassay, pharmacokinetics &   pharmaco-dynamics of herbal drugs.

Restoration Ecology:

Developing restoration strategies at habitat, community, population, genus, species & genetic levels.

Environmental Stewardship:

Developing natural resource management protocols for efficient use resources like water, soil, air, minerals, etc.

Integrated & Community Based Natural Resource Management (ICBNRM):

Integrated & Community Based Natural Resource Management (ICBNRM):

Organic farming:

Organic farming as way life with ample focus on agronomy, soil management, water management, integrated pest management, post- harvest & storage practices, value addition to farm produce  etc.

Climate change mitigation:

Assessment of spatial & temporal impact of climate change, its mitigation strategies, especially through exploring avenues in lifestyle change & technological intervention approaches.

Participatory Technology Development (PTD):

Finding answers for present & future problems through participatory technology development in collaboration with enlightened communities in the fields like alternative energy, value addition for agriculture produce, soil nutrient management, agricultural crop variety development etc.

Health care:

Working for the objective of ensuring health security for all, by working in approaches like alternative medicine & herbal medicines, public hygiene, nutrition security etc.